Phospholipidic Gel-Creams

LECIGEL™ is a gelling agent with emulsifying properties. It allows the increase in the viscosity and the stability of formulas. Suitable for both cold and hot processes, it also helps to adjust the viscosity at the end of the formulation process. Easy-to-use, it is compatible with most emulsifiers and is stable over a wide range of pH. Especially adapted for the formulation of gel-creams, it provides the typical “phospholipid touch” with a cool, soft and non-greasy skin feel.


Sodium Acrylates Copolymer (and) Lecithin


  • Provides gel cream when used as main emulsifier
  • Easy-to-use
  • Stabilizes and adjusts viscosity of emulsions by adding at the end of the process
  • Hot or cold process
  • Compatible with ethanol
  • Lowers skin temperature


  • PF actives
  • China Compliant


  • Clinical
  • Sensorial: Slippery and cool touch
    Velvet and non-greasy skin feel


• Gelling agent/Emulsifier: 0.5-2%.
• Viscosity enhancer: 0.5-2%.
• Stabilizer: 0.1-2%